International Conference on Corporation Management (ICCM)


Iryna Mihus
“Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ


corporate governance, capital, management decisions, management, development, financial security




The most companies are created as corporations, which have their own unique features of doing business, financial management and interaction with stakeholders.

The value of a corporation depends not only on its profitability, but also on other factors, which are the relationship between the state, shareholders, banks and employees.

Our conference was dedicated to these issues, which, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to hold on December 3-05, 2020 online in Tallinn, Estonia.

I sincerely thank all the scientists for the submitted materials and I hope that everyone liked the seminar "Corporate well-being as the energy of business" by Irina Burlakova, Doctor of Science (Psychology), Associate Professor.

I hope that our International Conference on Corporate Management (ICCM) will be an annual place to discuss issues related to corporate management and stakeholder relations.

As Chairman of the International Conference on Corporate Management (ICCM), I have the great pleasure and honor to welcome you all to the first edition of our conference!


Tallinn, Estonia on December 03-05, 2020

 Iryna Mihus,  ICCM’2020  Chair


December 14, 2020