About the Press

“Scientific Center of Innovative Research” OÜ   was founded in Estonia in 2019. The company is a privately owned commercial organization funded by the Article Processing Fee  for open access journals, book publishing, grants for scientific resaerch, consultancy and other services, advertising and other activities.

Our company uses open source software Public Knowledge Project in our work, which allows to publish works of authors in open access. We are very grateful to all the scientists who are ready to publish the results of their research on our company’s web platforms. The company will make every effort to meet your expectations. We hope that in the future we will work together. We are open to business and academic proposals and cooperation.


Books published by the “Scientific Center of Innovative Research” OÜ are indexed in: 

CrossRef (DOI: 10.36690);

- Google Scholar;

- National Library of Estonia;

The ESTER e-catalog;